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Wael Soliman

Founder and CEO of Asad United Group

Wael Soliman


While our business is growing in Asad United Group General Trading. We were facing some internal challenges with our business growth and the changes needed to sustain it.

Firas Alragom coached both myself and another member of my leadership team.

Firas showed professionalism and understanding of the challenges facing growing organizations and worked with each of us while showing compassion and support for us as individuals.

Firas helped us identify the root causes of our growing pains, and helped us define alternative ways of resolving them by showing us new ways of thinking of our challenges.

Leaders of any organization that need support with understanding and addressing challenges with growth and change within their organizations or who have team members struggling with overwhelm and work pressure will surely benefit from Firas’ coaching.

I highly recommend working with Firas Alragom to support any management team that is interested in growing themselves or their teams.”

Tomas Svitorka​

Life Coach & Productivity Coach

“I’ve had the pleasure to coach and mentor Firas for nearly a year, and he’s been one of the most committed and consistent clients I’ve had. His dedication to his goals and passion for coaching is outstanding. Firas is a man of his word with strong ethics and a big heart. I’m certain he could make a career in any field he’d decide to succeed in, however, I’m extremely glad he’s chosen to become a coach as he’s an exceptional one. I wish there were more coaches like him. If you’re considering hiring Firas as your coach, I can assure you it will be a transformative experience and the best investment you’ve ever made.”

Dr. Daniel Berrio Galán

GP & Self-Compassion Coach for Men United Kingdom

“Thanks to working on my inner parts with Firas, I now have a felt-sense of authority and wisdom which enables me to acknowledge the different messages from parts of me while still feeling confident about my final decision. It’s like having my own cabinet of advisors!

[I’m] more self-confident when communicating with others either verbally or in written form and not hang my self-esteem on the outcome of that interaction.

[I’m] significantly more able to pacify my restless mind once I have listened and assessed the different viewpoints, which allows me to make decisions confidently.”

Mohammad Usman

IT Manager
Dubai, UAE

“I’ve become aware of how my mind works, especially during stress, anxiety, and when I am not motivated… Firas shared several exercises that are really helpful to me, and I use them daily on different occasions.

Firas breaks down issues and dives deep to the lowest level… This made it easier for me to see the underlying problems. I now see things from a different perspective. I also learned that there are always choices, whether short-term or long-term, but there is always a choice available to me.

This insight has given me so much clarity and renewed motivation to take the required actions needed for me to move forward.

I highly recommend those who feel discouraged or facing some challenges in different areas of their lives to sign up for coaching with Firas.

Fahim Hashemi

Accounts Payable Analyst Arizona, USA

“I believed that I had done everything in my power to get out of my difficult situation, but I was wrong. Firas helped me by shedding light on areas that I was not thinking about. I feel a lot better and more confident than ever! I’ve found out exactly what it is that I want to have a career in. And secondly, I now know a better, more intelligent way to go about it and not be afraid of rocking the boat, getting out of my comfort zone, learning new things.

I would definitely suggest people who need help with midlife crisis in their careers to go through this process. It’s amazing!”

Nick Moats

Jr. Project Analyst,
Maryland, USA

“I feel I have made great progress in my friendships which I previously felt were not in a good place. Working with Firas gave me the opportunity to see that I had the power to improve these relationships and I now happily spend much more time with my friends and feel a closer connection with them.

I have experienced an improvement in my close friendships, now leading me to better balance work and life I have received support and gained clarity on how I can best approach working on starting a business while also managing getting my bachelor’s degree and finding a full time job I have found ways and gained the mindset needed to better handle and identify what stresses me out when I am going through periods of high levels of work and various demands from family and friends.

Your acceptance and caring for me as a human, not simply a client.”

Alex Østergaard

Former Technical Recruiter at eBay, Uber, and Google
Amsterdam, Netherlands

“I came to Firas as I was struggling to find inspiration to write my book. During our session, Firas helped me dive deeper into what my true motivation was, and by allowing me to process my thoughts, he made me realize the true reason for me writing it.

 This insight has given me so much clarity and renewed motivation to take the required actions needed for me to move forward.”

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