My mission is to help others work and live with calm and clarity

My Story

Firas Alragom

I’m passionate about helping other leaders and professionals during times of overwhelming uncertainty and pressure because I’ve been where you are, struggling with seemingly never ending feelings of stress, fear, doubt, frustration, and inner conflict not too long ago. 

I worked in corporate IT for 20 years. I climbed my way up the corporate ladder from an IT support technician to an executive-level position. I was so focused on my career that I only took my first real family vacation 15 years into it, and only because I won free tickets and accommodations in a company event! So, I know a lot about being a high-achieving workaholic in a demanding corporate environment, and I experienced both mental and physical burnout as a result of it. When I realized that I still had a few more decades ahead of me until retirement, something inside me screamed: “there has to be a better way to work and live than this!”

I’ve also struggled with health challenges, having suffered from crippling back pain for over 14 years that wreaked havoc on my work and family life. I was only 38 years old when I eventually thought to myself, “I can’t keep living and working this way!”

So I finally decided to take responsibility for who I was and who I wanted to be instead and embarked on my journey to rebuild my mind and body. I delved into books and courses on self-development and mindset transformation to regain hope of a better life. I searched for physical therapists, fitness trainers, and health programs to regain my ability to live a more active life. Once I was pain-free and physically and mentally stronger, I began to experience the life I hadn’t thought was possible. Working less (with better results), spending more time with my wife and children, going on dream vacations, and enjoying many new activities and experiences such as yoga, swimming, weight lifting, jump rope, scuba diving, underwater photography, and meditation. When I realized that I could experience so many things that I had given up on, I began to review my career choice. I discovered that I had lost my passion for working with technology in a corporate environment, and began searching for a new, more worthwhile career path for the second half of my life. After exploring many options, I finally found my calling in life, leadership and executive coaching. It resonated with my passion for connecting with people and guiding them towards unlocking their infinite potential for overcoming their challenges and to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives while allowing me to do the same for myself.

My Background

Why Work With Me?

  • I have over 20 years of experience in management and leadership roles in various industries  (IT services, Investment, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Real Estate Development and Telecommunications). 
  • In my corporate career, I was hired by various companies to turn around failed and dying IT/business systems projects and transform them into successful projects with high adoption and satisfaction across the organization.
  • I’ve coached, mentored, and inspired other professionals that I’ve worked with to believe in themselves and achieve more in their lives and careers which in turn made them more productive and successful in their professional work.
  • I’ve advised and supported leaders and executives in finding their own balance between their drive for success in their careers and their personal lives.
  • I’m a father and a husband who knows how terrifying it can be to consider any life or career changes that might disrupt the ability to provide and care for your loved ones.
  • I’ve experienced the transformational power of life, leadership and executive coaching myself (and continue to do so) and how it’s helped me pursue my dreams.
  • I’m an advocate of continuous learning and improvement, which is why I have the following certifications from the iNLP Center (an internationally accredited training center):
    • Certified Life Coach
    • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    • Certified Inner Dynamics Practitioner
  • I’ve seen firsthand within those that I’ve coached the untapped potential to experience fulfilling and rewarding lives while still pursuing new achievements and successes in their work, which is why I’ve made it my purpose to help other leaders and professionals achieve that for themselves.
More About Me

Fun Facts

  • While I’m a Kuwaiti national, born and raised, and can speak Arabic fluently, I’m better at speaking English and more comfortable with it.
  • I studied at a British English school up to high school but came out of it with an American accent (I confused the heck out of all my English class teachers). 
  • I’m a certified PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor. 
  • I love underwater photography as it complements my passion for diving, and I occasionally dabble in landscape and nature photography. You can see some of my photography on my personal Instagram account.
  • I practice yoga and meditation on a regular basis and I love many other forms of sports and exercise.
  • I love reading books on personal development, leadership, business, and fiction (mystery and urban fantasy).
  • I’ve watched every Marvel Comics movie released in the last two decades (can’t say the same for all the DC Comics movies).

Next Step

If you would like support and guidance from a coach who’s traveled down the same path, book a call with me. We can then have a conversation to see how coaching can benefit you or your organization on your journey of transformation.