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Hi, I'm

Firas Alragom

As an Executive & Leadership Coach, I work with leaders and executives individually as well as with corporate organizations. People that have already achieved success and transformation in the past, but currently feel stuck in a certain area of their lives and work. They believe in the possibilities for change, have seen it take place, been catalysts for change themselves, but are struggling to make the changes they desire a reality.

Firas talking to a client

The Challenge

Do either of these sound familiar to you?

As an individual:

You’ve been a hard-working professional all your life, but you’re feeling burnt out, both physically and mentally. You would love to see your work grow and impact people’s lives but you’re struggling to do that while having a balanced and fulfilling life. You’ve read self-development books, listened to audiobooks, podcasts, or radio shows, and while they all seem interesting, yet none of them seem to work for you. You’re almost ready to give up on the idea of being successful in your work while enjoying life whether it be in your relationships, health or just leisure and how much fun you’re having, but something keeps nagging you to keep searching and looking because a part of you knows it’s possible.


As an organization: 

You’re a leader in your organization, whether of a team, department, division, or the whole organization. You want to affect organization-wide changes to help steer it towards providing products and services that change people’s lives. However, you’re facing either internal or external challenges (or both) that are preventing you from doing that, and you’re struggling with figuring out how to overcome them. You’ve invested large sums in improving and documenting various business processes, and business software and systems, but you still face the same challenges. Growth and improvement in your business don’t seem to be possible but deep down inside you know that it is and you aren’t ready to give up on that possibility just yet.


If so, then you might be experiencing a sense of frustration of seeing the potential of creating change that is impactful in your life and work and that of others, but not being able to see how to make it a reality.

The Solution

First of all, let me reassure you that you’re not the only one facing these challenges even if it feels that way sometimes. Many successful individuals and organizations go through these periods of stagnation or even deterioration in some ways and are able to not only recover but grow beyond them.

Second of all, that sliver of hope that you have is real, and can be nurtured and developed into a healthier and more successful relationship with work and a fulfilling life and tangible changes in those areas.

As previously successful individuals and organizations, we tend to go all in and do what we need to do to reach our goals and take care of those we are responsible for, whether they’re our families, friends, or team members. However, when we are faced with a challenge that we can’t overcome for the first time, we tend to forget that we need support just like anyone else. That’s where coaching comes in.

For individuals, coaching offers a customized approach to your individual needs, challenges, and goals. Through coaching we will explore the amazing ability of our minds and thinking to shape the reality that we live in. Then we will discover ways to apply these principles to your specific situation to allow you to overcome your challenges and bring you inner peace and clarity. And from there, the transformation of your life and work can unfold, and you can enjoy living a more fulfilling life.

For organizations, coaching offers a human-centered approach to leadership that focuses on the people within the organization. As no matter what systems or processes you might have in place in your organization, if the individuals running them are struggling with their own resistance, lack of clarity, pressure, overwhelm or other challenges, then that will inevitably limit the potential growth and success of the organization as a whole.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

Leadership & Executive Coaching

How It Works

If you would like to explore what coaching can do for you personally or for your organization, we will have a complimentary discovery call  together and talk about your circumstances, goals, and challenges. If we’re a fit for each other and are comfortable working with one another, I will custom tailor a coaching package specific to your needs. 


About Me

How Can I Help?

I’ve been in your shoes and overcame those same struggles that you are considering taking on now. Having lived and worked as a husband, father, and corporate leader, I know the challenges and responsibilities that leaders and professionals face daily in their stressful careers and demanding personal lives. I lived a life full of fear: fear of pain, failure, judgment, the unknown, disappointment, never having enough, and never being enough. When I finally faced my fears and acknowledged them, I was free to live a life of new experiences, opportunities, and possibilities. My health transformed, as did my relationships with family and friends, and eventually, I found a new life purpose and career that gave my work new meaning. 

I believe that instead of giving in to our struggles, we can learn to see them as opportunities for growth and build a life that is more in line with our values and dreams and both live and work with inner calm, clarity and fulfillment.

Next Step

If you would like support and guidance from a coach who’s traveled down the same path, book a call with me. We can then have a conversation to see how coaching can benefit you or your organization on your journey of transformation.

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